Question: Upon whom is Zakaat compulsory? 

Answer: When a mature and sane Muslim acquires wealth which is Zakaatable and - after deducting liabilities - it equals to the amount of Nisaab (R4225.28  i.e. 612.36 grams of Silver) and the wealth remains with him for an entire lunar year (even though it increased or decreased during the course of the year provided it is not used up completely), then on the same lunar date of the following year,  zakaat will be waajib on that wealth. The amount payable is 2.5%. 

الزكوة واجبة علي الحر المسلم البالغ العاقل إذا ملك 

نصابا كاملا ملكا تاما وحال عليه الحول  - الهدايية ج١/٩٥

And Allah Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie 

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