Question: Is there Zakaat on 9 carat gold? 

Answer: Gold is measured by carats. Pure gold is 24 carats. 9 carat gold contains 9 portions of gold and 15 portions of other metals i.e. 9 carat contains 37.44% of gold. 

Zakaat will only be payable on the pure gold content contained in 9 carat gold jewellery, if the content (in one or several jewellery items) reaches 85 grams by itself  or it reaches the value of Nisaab by adding cash on hand  or by adding the value of other Zakatable goods to it.

The Zakaat amount payable will be calculated based on the value of the gold on the day when one is obliged to pay one’s Zakaat.

One should consult a jeweller to determine the gold content and  calculate the Zakaat on one’s jewellery. 

And Allah Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie