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Question:  If a marriage has reached breaking point; what is the best way to affect Talaaq(divorce)?

Answer:  After all the avenues of reconciliation have been exhausted and the couple still wish to separate, it would be advisable for the husband to issue one Talaaq Rajee (revocable divorce)   in a purity in which no intercourse took place.

The duration of Iddah (waiting period) is three Haidh (menses). 

By the passing of three Haidh, the Nikaah will automatically be terminated and she will be free to marry someone else.

If before the three menses periods elapses, the couple decide to reconcile; the husband may revoke the divorce and take his wife back.

If the couple wish to re-marry after the iddah period, a new nikaah needs to be made. 


Yusuf Moosagie

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