Question: If a male happens to performs his Fardh Salaah at home, is he required to call the Adhan & Iqama?

Answer: If for some valid reason a male has to perform Salaah individually then it will be Mustahab (recommended) that he calls out the Adhan & Iqama, even thou it may have been called out at the Masjid in his locality.

However, if there is no Masjid in his locality or the Adhan of the local Masjid has not yet been called out - then it will be Sunnatul Muakkaadah (An Emphasized Sunnah) for him to call out the Adhan & Iqamah. In these instances, performing Salaah without Adhan & Iqamah will be considered to be Makrooh (disliked).
سن الأذان والإقامة سنة مؤكدة للفرائض ولو منفردًا ، اداءً أو قضاءً سفراً أو حضراً للرجال ، وكره للنساء (نور الايضاح ص٦١
لا يكره تركه لمصلى في بيته في المصر ، لا اذان الحي يكفيه ، وفي الامداد انه يأتي به ندباً (رد المحتار ج٢ ص ٥٠)
And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best
Yusuf Moosagie