Question: What are the Sunnah practices after the birth of a child?

Answer: On the seventh day, it is Mustahab to observe the following practices;

1) To give a name to the child.

2) To slaughter one sheep or goat  for a girl and two for a boy.

3) To shave the baby’s hair.

4) To give charity of gold or silver (or the value of any of the two) equivalent to the weight of the hair.

It is preferable that the above practices be carried out in the sequence mentioned.

يستحب لمن ولد له ولد ان يسميه يوم اسبوعه ويحلق راسه ويتصدق بزنة شعره فضة او ذهبا ثم يعق عند الحلق عقيقة (فتاوى الشمامي ٦/٦٦٣)

قال علامة ظفر احمد عثماني ؛ وقال البغوي في التهذيب : يستحب الذبح قبل الحلق (اعلاء السنن ١٧/١١٩)

And Allah Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie 

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