Question: Over the years I have been reciting the Noble Quraan without really making Sajdah Tilawah. How do I make amends? 

Answer: Make an estimation on how many Sajdah Tilawahs you have outstanding. This can be calculated by considering the average amount of Quraan you have been accustomed to reading. 

Once you have reached a figure, write it in your Islamic Will and make a bequest that if you pass away, Fidya should be paid for it. Now begin by making Sajdah Tilawah in what ever free time you have.

The procedure is as follows: In the state of Wudhu, facing the Qiblah, from either a standing or sitting position, a person says: 'Allahu Akbar' (without raising the hands) and goes down into Sajdah. In Sajdah the person will read 'Subhaana Rabbiyal A'ala' three times. Then he will raise from Sajdah saying; 'Allahu Akbar'. The Sajdah Tilawah will be complete. (There is no Salaam.) Several Sajdah Tilawah can be made one after the other. 

Sajdatut Tilawat is prohibited whilst the sun is rising, precisely at noon, and from the time the colour of the sun changes before sunset until the sun has fully set.

The Fidya amount for each Sajdah Tilawah which was not observed by a deceased is the same is the Fidya of missed Salaah and Fast. [The current amount is R22]

And Allah Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie 

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