Question:   Does Islam scorn upon, acquiring wealth of this world? 

Answer: Wealth in itself is not condemned by Islam. In various places in the Noble Quraan, Allah Ta’ala refers to wealth of this world as ‘Al Khair’: goodness. 

There is no problem with attaining wealth, provided that one adheres to the following conditions:

1) One does not have intense or excessive love for wealth.
2) Wealth does not make a person negligent of the divine injunctions of Allah.
3) A persons pays Zakaah and other obligatory dues.
4)  One should not compete with others in amassing  wealth.
5) The intention for acquiring wealth should not be to boast and show off.

If the above requisite are adheres to there will bo no problem with attaining wealth of this world.


Yusuf Moosagie

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