Question: Is it permissible to curse specific individuals who are tyrants or disbelievers?

Answer:  It is not permissible to invoke a curse upon a specific person, whether he be a Muslim or a Kaafir.  The essences of a curse is that a person be distanced from the mercy of Allah. One should never desire that for a Believer. As for a non-Muslim, there remains the possibility that he/she may believe before death.  Hence it is not permissible to curse a specific living person. 

 It will, however, be permissible to curse a particular individual who died as a Kaafir, e.g. Firoun, Abu Lahab, Abu Jahal, etc. Similarly, it is permissible to invoke the curse of Allah on liars or oppressors in general. [Shami 3/416]

And Allah Knows Best 

Yusuf Moosagie 

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