Question: Is it obligatory to draw up an Islamic Will?

Answer: If a person passes away without a Will, in South Africa (or any Non Muslim country) then the Intestate Laws of inheritance of the country will be applied. These Laws are against the Shariah. Hence, to avoid this, it becomes necessary for a person to draw up an Islamic Will. 

The Will should include: debtors, creditors, trusts, unfulfilled vows, Fidya  and Kaffara for missed Salaah and Fast, etc

الوصية عير واجبة ؛ لانها تبرع بمنزلة الهبة ، والتبرعات ليست واجبة ، وهذا اذا لم يكن مشغول الذمة بنحو زكاة وفدية صوم وصلاة فرط فيها وإلا فواجبة  [ اللباب في شرح الكتاب ج٣ ص٢٢٢]

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie 

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