Will the Covid test break the fast?

Answer: There three ways a Covid- 19 test is carried out:

  • The first way is through a Sputum Collection. The patient is asked to cough and produce saliva. That is then tested.
  • The second way is through the nasal cavity. A swab is slowly inserted through the nostril until it reaches the upper part of the throat, connecting to the nasal cavity. The swab is to be rotated and held in this position for a few seconds then removed slowly.
  • The third way is through mouth. A swab inserted into the mouth to first rub the tonsils and then pharynx which the back of the throat.

Non all of this, if nothing goes down the throat or the nasal passage, the fast will be intact. However, if any particle or liquid goes down the throat, then the fast will be broken.

Caution demands that the test be done after the time of Iftaar.


And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie