Question: What is the Islamic ruling about a male wearing a ring?

Answer: A male  is  allowed to wear a sterling silver or silver plated ring with the condition that the silver content of the ring does not weigh more than 4.374 grams (1 Mithaal)

Wearing a  silver ring is only considered a Sunnah for those who need to stamp with it, such as a Sultan, judge (qadhi), trustee, author, etc

It is best -  for other than those who need to use a ring for stamping - not to wear a ring.

ولا يتختم الا بالفضة فيحرم بغيرها كحجر .... وترك التخم لغير السلطان والقاضي أفضل 

قول الاختيار ؛ التختم سنة لمن يحتاج اليه كالسلطان 

والقاضي ومن في معناهما 

(فتاوى الشىامى ج٦ ص٣٦٢)

And Allah Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie 

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