Question: What are different classifications of Talaaq in terms of how it is effected?

Answer: There are three classification:

1) Ahsanut Talaaq: When a man gives Talaaq to his wife while she is in a state of purity in which the husband did not have intercourse with her. He then stays away from her until the Iddah period passes. 

2) Talaaq Hasan (Sunni): The husband pronounces three Talaaqs: one in each purity period in which there was no relations. 

3) Talaaq Bid’ah: A man utters three Talaaqs in one sentence or he divorces her thrice during a single purity period. It is sinful for a man to utter Talaaq in this manner. Nevertheless, the Talaaq will be valid, the marriage will irreconcilably terminate.

The first type of Talaaq: Ahsanut Talaaq is the best type of Talaaq. It allows the husband to take his wife back before the Iddah period passes. If the Iddah past and the husband wishes to take his wife back, he may do so with a new Nikaah. 

الطلاق على ثلاثة أوجه ؛ أحسن الطلاق وطلاق السنة - وطلاق البدعة : ان يطلق الرجل امرأته تطليقة واحدة في طهر  لم يجامعها فيه ويتركها حتى تنقضى عدتها ، وطلاق السنة : ان يطلق المدخول بها في ثلاثة اطهر ، وطلاق البدعة : ان يطلقها ثلاثاً بكلمة واحدة ، أو ثلاثاً في طهر واحد ، وإذا فعل ذلك وقع الطلاق ، وبانت منه ، وكان عاصيا ( القدوري ص ١٦٧ )

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie

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