Question: Is it necessary to specify when making Qadha Salaah?

Answer: Yes, in one's intention, it is necessary to specify the date and the exact Salaah one is performing when making Qadha Salaah. If a person offered Qadha without specifying it is, the Qadha will not be valid. It will have to be repeated. 

If a person does not remember the number of Salaahs he missed, nor the exact dates of the missed Salaahs then he should make an intention in the following manner: "Of all the Fajr Salaahs that I have to make Qadha of, I am making  Qadha of the first one that I missed (or the last one that I missed)"

The person should continue making his intention in this way for all his Qadha Salaahs. Once his heart is satisfied that Qadha of all missed  Salaahs have been made, he can stop offering Qadha Salaah.

And Allah Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie 

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