Question: What are the recommended times to use the Miswaak?

Answer: There are several occasions when it is Mustahab (recommended) to use the Miswaak:

1. Upon awakening
2. When making Wudhu
3. Before Salaah
4. Before reciting the Noble Quran or making Thikar
5. Before meeting people or going to the Masjid
6. Upon entering the home
7. When the teeth become yellow
8. When the smell of one’s mouth changes (whether this is because of eating food with a strong odour, or because of not eating or drinking for a long time, etc.)

ويستحب فى خمسة مواضع ؛ اصفرار السن ، وغير الراءحة ، والقيام من النوم ، والقيام الى الصلاة وعند الوضوء [ رد المحتار ج١ص ١١٣]

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie

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