Question: When making Wudhu in a bathroom that has a toilet in it, can one recite the Duas of Wudhu? 

Answer; One should not verbally read the Duas of Wudhu in a bathroom that has a toilet which is not partitioned (with a wall, barrier, etc) from the bathroom area. Instead, one should read the pre-Wudhu and post-Wudhu Du’as before entering or after exiting this type of a bathroom. However, if one forgets to read the Duas before entering, then one may read them in one’s mind.

المراد أنه يسمى قبل رفع ثيابه إن كان في غير المكان المعد لقضاء الحاجة -  وإلا  فقبل دخوله ولا يحرك لسانه تعظيماً لإسم الله تعالى {رد المحتار ج١ص١٠٩}

And Allah Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie 

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