Question: What is the penalty for a man who had sexual relations with his wife while she is experiencing her monthly menstruation?

Answer: To have intercourse during menses is a major sin. It is necessary to repent and ask for forgiveness. Together with that, it is Mustahab (advisable) to give one Dinaar or half of it in charity. [The current estimated equivalent value of a Dinaar is +/- R2100] (17th July 2017)

وطء الحائض كبيرة لو عامدًا مختارًا عالمًا بالحرمة ، أو مكرها أو ناسيا، فالزمه التوبة ، ويندب تصدقه بدينار أو نصفه (الدر المختار ١/٢٩٧)

And Allah Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie 

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