Question: What are the general laws pertaining to Ihraam?

Answer: Ihraam is a restricted state that one enters into when intending Umrah or Hajj.

The following things become impermissible:

1) Cutting the nails.

2) Trimming or shaving  bodily hair.

3) Applying perfume.

4) Hunting land animals or killing insects (unless in the case of self-defense).

5) Showing or directing a hunter towards a  prey.

6) For a male to cover his head or face.  As for a female, she is required to wear the niqaab in a manner that it does not touch the face. (This can be achieved by wearing the cap-purdah.) 

7) Men are not to wear stitched clothing or covered footwear. He should wear such sandles that leave his  ankles and the upper and middle portion of the top of each foot (i.e. where the shoe-lace is normally tied) uncovered.(Females are allowed to wear socks and shoes)

8)Sexual intercourse and physical advances on one’s spouse.

9)Using obscene or harsh words.

10)Fighting or disputing.

These are broadly what becames prohibited when in the state of Ihraam. 

فاذا لبى فقد احرم ، فليتق ما نهى الله عنه من الرفث والفسوق والجدال ، ولا يقتل صيدا ولا يشير اليه ولا يدل عليه ، ولا يلبس قميصاً ولا سراويل ولا عمامة ولا قلنسوة ولا قباء ولا خفين الا ان لا يجد نعلين ، فيقطعهما من أسفل الكعبين ، ولا يغطي راْسه ولا وجهه ، ولا يمس طيباً ، ولا يحلق راْسه ولا شعر بدنه ، ولا يقص من لحيته ، ولا من ظفره (القدوري ص٢٦٠)

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie