Question: Will extracting a tooth break my fast?

Answer: Extracting a tooth in itself will not break the fast. However, while extracting the tooth there is a strong possibility that some substance, particle or water may go down the throat which would invalidate the fast. With regards to blood going down the throat, the fast will be invalidated if the amount of blood exceeds the amount of saliva or one can perceive the taste of blood. Keeping the above in mind, it therefore not advisable to extract a tooth while fasting.
خرج الدم بين اسنانه ودخل حلقه ... يعني ولم يصل الى جوفه ، أما اذا وصل فان غلب الدم أو تساويا فسد وإلا لا ، الا اذا وجد طعمه ( رد المحتار ج٣ص ٣٦٨)

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie