Question: How should the bier of the deceased be carried?

Answer: Four people should carry the four legs of the bier. They will walk briskly without shaking the deceased. 

After taking a few steps, the person who is carrying the bier with his right shoulder by the right shoulder of deceased will move back, so that his right shoulder is now by the right foot of the deceased. 

Thereafter, he will move to the front on the other side, so that his left shoulder is by the left shoulder of the deceased. He will  then move to the back, so that his left shoulder is by the left foot of the deceased. This is the prescribed method of carrying the bier.

فاذا حملوه على على سريره اخذوه بقواىمه الربع ويمشون مسرعين دون الخبب ( القدوري ١٩٤)

وكيفية الحمل: ان تضع مقدم الجنازة على يمينك ثم موخرها علي يمينك ثم مقدمها على يسارك ثم موخرها على يسارك ، إيثارا للتيامن ؛ كذا في الهداية )

And Allah Knows Best

Yusuf Moosagie 

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